Simone Marie proposes gourmet Belgian chocolate at WHOLESALE price

Flown in DIRECTLY from Belgium...... FRESH from the producer.......

Our 3 lines of gourmet chocolates are crafted in Belgium by small producers and have been highly appreciated in Toronto and other selective markets in Canada since 1993.

NOW available IN BULK, for the CHOCOLATE LOVER, at PREFERRED price!

Chocolates and truffles
Sugar Free chocolates and candies
Chocolate squares and tablets
Le Chocolatier Bruyerre - Belgium Klingele Chocolade - Belgium
Klingele Chocolade - Belgium
Le Chocolatier Dolfin - Belgium

Gourmet Belgian chocolates are a great complementary product for any gourmet store, gift shop, fine food emporium, espresso bar, cafe or restaurant.

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Simone Marie: importer of gourmet Belgian chocolates and truffles